Thursday, September 6, 2012

Song Saa Private Island : Activities

 All the activities at Song Saa Private Island are included in the hotel room. That's mean everything that catch your eyes are FREE.... so called la.....

They have Kayak, Wind surfing, water skiing, snorkeling or just picnic at nearby beach with this

isn't it luxury

They have a discovery centre which they have some aquarium inside with coral and fishes

A small play house for the kids, not that impressive, guess there want you to spend more time outdoor.

They have a bar over looking the beach, which they serve unlimited drink and coffee, and food too

 Just point at your drink......

or just sun bathing at the main pool. with all the food and juices and beers serve next to you

infinity pool

kids just cannot resist the pool

that's me on kayak

last but not least, a tube, of course is for "A" person, ours in just one second it's turn upside down

Or just simply sit by the beach and watch the sunset, oh ya, they have free yoga class and movie nights too

Me and my sisters......

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Song Saa Private Island, FOOD

In Song Saa, you can choose where you want your food to be serve.
or here
or here
The rest of the photos will be food photos, whatever posted here is like only 20% of what I ate, the rest all gone before I manage to snap any. So you know how yummy is the food. the dessert are amazing.

 We are greeted by this 2 platters, Both are super good.

 Fish..... fresh and cook to perfection

 I forgot the name, mango dessert

 I guess i let the picture do the say, cos everything that i posted here are go good. and I am really bad in commenting about food

 Tomato, all about tomatos


 Pork.... haha guess that's all i remember

 Amok fish, one of the Khmer traditional food

 Pre-dessert, taste like cheese

 Potatoes wedges for the kids

 Vege roll, taste like Vietnamese rice roll

 Some fish thingy... hahahaha

Passion fruit dessert..... perfect
 Freshly prepare woodfired pizza

For the kids..... they love it, comment: best pizza that they ever tasted

 Our bbq night

 Grill to perfection... sanma fish

 Chicken kebab


Dessert..... brownies, crunchy outside and soft inside

Last but not least, My Family!!

Song Saa Private Island. Inside the villa

We are welcome by a freshly squeeze lime juice and a cold refreshing. Once we are done, we are ushered to our villa.

On our way........

Introduced me to all the kitchen stuff, utensil, food and drink

Dining Table, see the 2 whites paper wrap on the table, those are cheese and salami platters.

Living room, with a super long sofa overlooking our pool and the sea.

Kitchen with coffee maker and teas. Nuts and dry fruits too

unlimited drink which consist of carbonated drink, beers, wines, still and bubbly water.

Above is our room, the bed and the pillow are soooo comfy. I even ask do they sell their pillow and they said no. so sad. hahaha

Washroom, superb, no need to fight over the mirror

Super big bath tub overlooking the sea.

View from my room. By the way, the room are furnish with Ipods and Bose sound system.

Outside view overlooking my villa

staircase to the sea, small pool not enough, go the the bigger pool :)

That's me !!!

Kids are super enjoy!!
Food menu are fantastic and they deliver it to my villa

My Family.